Thursday, August 14, 2008

Harry Potter Vs. Twilight wants you to vote which will rule the box office: Twilight or Harry Potter?! Or will it be a draw? Vote on the homepage here.

Read an article comparing/contrasting the two moneymakers here.

Personally, I love both, but those Twilight-haters need to be shown who's boss! VOTE!


  1. I think Twilight is the best of all the books I've ever read!! It has all the ingredients Harry Potter had had so as to decome a huge success... In Twilight passionated love is combined too!That's why in my opinion everybody should vote TWILIGHT... Actually in Greece and France(these are the two places where I live,as my mum is French and my dad Greek) Harry Potter has been forgotten. While being in my Physics class I look to the left and there's a girl reading New moon. I turn to my right and there's another student reading Breaking Dawn and in front of me a boy is reading Eclipse it is completely unsane... I swear God these book series will make Harry Potter get completely forgotten(I know what I am talking about as I have read all of them)...

  2. omg! totally twilight! i mean the books are wayy better and so is the movies. don't get my wrong i love harry potter but twilight is like my life!

  3. Stephanie Meyer's writing skills are subpar.


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