Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hi! And Sorry!

Hello everyone!
I want to apologize because I haven't really been updating PLT for a few days! I am in Boston until Friday, and while I'm here, I can't get online too often.
I will update whenever I can, though, so keep an eye out for new posts.
PLEASE KEEP VOTING ON TOPSITES! We are currently #58. As you probably know already, my ambition is to be in the top 50. The link for Twilight Topsites is on the right side of this page. (You may have to scroll down a bit.)
ALSO: Notice that I have added my favorite Twilight sites and podcasts to the bottom of the page. I recommend them to everyone! (Although there is no fansite I recommend more than PLT!) Podcasts are one of the best remedies for Twilighters who just can't get enough every day!

I also want to thank everyone who took the time to read and especially VOTE for my Breaking Dawn Missing Moment in the Twilighted Fanfiction Contest. 
This is unofficial (Twilighted won't announce it for a few days yet) but I checked and it seems that I came in 1st for my category (Envy) and 2nd overall! I am absolutely THRILLED! You guys are great! I received some really nice comments/reviews from some of you and (this'll sound cheesy) but it made me feel all tingly inside! 
Haha, no, but all jokes aside, you're all really great!

If anyone is interested, I'm very open to ideas for FanFic or any writing, for that matter. If anyone has a request....? Well, just leave your suggestions in the comments or email me (peacelovetwilight@gmail.com). OR IM me. (annameera06)

Thanks for reading this uber long note!


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