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3rd Place Winner!

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Here is the 3rd place winner of PLT's Post-BD Fanfiction Contest!....

WHEN IT RAINS, by Natilie Sawada

About Natilie Sawada:

First Name
: Zoe
Last Name: Johnson
Penname: Natilie Sawada
Age: 14
Lives In: Michigan
Fanfiction Site URL:
Website/Blogs: and

Interests: writing, reading, singing, drawing, film editing, twiligt
Favorite Twilight Series Book: NEW MOON ALL THE WAY!
Bio: I've been writing ever since fifth grade, and I actually won my iPod through a writing contest. Writing is my passion. I love it. I also love anime (Fullmetal Alchemist is the best anime series eva!~( I am easily obsessed. I'm hopelessly addicted to the Twilight series. Can't go one day without making a reference to it.

And here's her story,


Takes place about twenty years post B.D. Renesmee is now fully grown.

Written from Renesmee's point of view

"So put a candle in the window
And a kiss upon his lips
As the dish outside the window fills with rain"
-Time, By: Tom McRae


"Hey, Jake?" I whispered. He was snoring, as usual. I was still awake, though it had to be at least one in the morning. I looked over at him in the darkness. He looked so peaceful. I reached out a hand to brush his untidy black hair from his face.
"Nessie..." he sighed. I smiled to myself and giggled. I laid my cheek against his warm chest and closed my eyes.
Since I was born, Jake had been there. Every second, every day--Jake was there.
Suddenly, a blinding flash illuminated the room from the window, accompanied by a deafening roar. I screamed.
"Nessie?! Nessie, are you okay?" Jacob jerked suddenly upright, his eyes snapping open, his eyes scanning the room. I cowered into his chest, eyes shut tightly.
"I'm fine," I managed weakly. I felt his big hand stroke my tangled curls. "There's a storm outside."
"Oh, honey, it's okay. It's nothing to be worried about, okay?" I felt him press his lips to my hair.
"You know how much I hate thunderstorms." I'd hated them since the first one I'd experienced. But I'd never lived through one without Jake there. He'd held me tightly, whispering everything would be okay.
And I always believed him.
"I know." His hand moved up and down my arm soothingly. His lips moved to my forehead and stayed there. "It'll be okay, honey. It'll be okay."
"Long as you're with me," I murmured into his chest.
"Forever," he promised. I sat there in his arms, listening to the rain beat against the side of the apartment building. I thought of my mom and dad--I wondered how they were doing. They'd said something about a second honeymoon. I flinched at the thought of my parents on a honeymoon. I inhaled deeply, letting
Jacob's woodsy musky scent that always meant home carry me away from every troubling thought, every fear, everything.
Everything but me and Jake and the rain.
Another sharp crack made me jump and let out a little squeal.
"It's only thunder. Don't worry."
"I know," I told him. "I just can't help it." His arms constricted around me, as if assuring me that he was there.
"I love you," was all he said.
Jacob only held me, siding his hands along my arms and waist, touching me, comforting me.
As long as I had Jacob I could do anything, could live through anything, could weather anything, could survive anything.
As long as I had Jacob, the world was complete.
As long as I had Jacob.
I don't know how much time passed.
"Hey, Nessie?" Jake whispered, his voice even more husky then usual after not talking for so long.
"You still scared?" I didn't respond--only nodded into his chest. "What can I do?" He pleaded.
I knew how hopelessly intertwined ever aspect about me and Jake was. When he was happy, I was happy. When he was suffering, I was suffering. We were one being--one entity--one soul, split into two bodies.
The room was silent for a minute except for another deafening crash of thunder. I jumped, squeezing my eyes more tightly shut.
"Kiss me?" My voice broke on the words.
And suddenly, Jacob's lips were crushed to mine, moving with a fevered tension. Another crash reached my ears, and my hands were suddenly grasping at his hair in desperation, a tear sliding down my cheek.
"Jacob..." I whispered, and my voice broke again. I was suddenly flipped over, pinned between the bed and Jacob, who was still kissing me. But I didn't move, just continued to grasp at his hair and shoulders, trying to overcome the unquenchable urge to have him closer. I could feel every line of his body against mine--could hear every ragged breath, every disjointed heartbeat.
And suddenly, he pulled away, rolling off of me back onto the covers of our bed. I lay there for a minute, trying to pull my scattered thoughts into a coherent question.
"I'm...sorry," he panted. I turned my head slightly. His expression was pained, tense. The muscles in his arms were quivering. "I just...I don't want to push you right now, but..." he paused..."I know it's been tough, being away from Bel--I mean your parents for the first time in so long, but I'm not going to take advantage of that. I'm going to wait until _you're_ ready."
What? Was he talking about what I thought he was talking about?
Of course I'd thought about it. Since I'd hit puberty, I'd saw Jacob in a different light. I'd talked to him about it once, when I was fifteen, but he'd immediately closed the subject
"'s okay, I--"
"No," he interrupted, turning to face me, propping himself up on his elbow. "You're not going to do this just because of me. You're not ready yet. I can see that."
I reached out a hand to stroke his arm, to comfort him, but I pulled my hand back.
"No, you're wrong, Jake, I--"
"Stop it, Ness," he snapped, his eyes fierce. "We are damn well not going to do anything tonight just because I got a little...excited." His anger faded a little. "I'm not going to take chances with you, Nessie. You're the only thing that matters to me--really matters, and I won't risk that for anything."
"You're as innocent as I am," I pointed out.
"So? I don't care about me. It's only you I care about."
"I'm twenty years old already!" I exclaimed. "My mother had me when she was eighteen, Jake!" Jacob just sighed.
"We'll talk in the morning."
My mood sank. I felt so _awful_ when Jacob was unhappy.
"I'm...sorry, Jake," I whispered, turning over onto my side away from him. There was only silence for a minute. A silent tear rolled down my cheek. It wasn't that fact that I had been aiming for that all night. It was the rejection.
"Oh, Nessie, Nessie, Nessie," I heard Jacob sigh, and he slid his hand around my waist. "You didn't do anything wrong. I'm the one who should be sorry."
"No, you're right. I'm just being a stupid little girl."
"No you're not. I made you cry, alright. That trumps anything you could do." I laughed a little and I felt him smile against my ear. "I'm sorry I snapped at you. You know it already, but would it count for anything if I said I loved you anyway?" I sighed.
"Sure...whatever" His lips moved slowly along my jaw bone.
"C'mon, honey, don't be like that."
"Jake," I giggled. His long hair was tickling against my cheek.
"Now go to sleep, little Lochness Monster. We're going to go visit Sam and Emily tomorrow." I smiled at the prospect. Emily was always so nice to me--nice to everyone. But then my face fell.
"You're going to get her to start planning the wedding aren't you?"
"Yup," Jake laughed, popping the "p" on his lips.
"You're just as stubborn and un-girly as your mother used to be."
"Hmph." Jacob laughed again next to my ear and then was silent. "Here that?" He asked after a moment.
I was on the edge of sleep, but his voice pulled me back into consciousness.
"Hmm?" I murmured.
"The rain's stopped."
"Thankss, Jakke," I drawled as my eyelids drifted shut again.
"Whenever it rains, honey," he promised in my ear, "I'll be here."

Congrats Natilie/Zoe!!! Make sure you pick up your banner at the top.

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