Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Review

Hey, everybody, just wanted to share my opinion of the movie with you.

I give Twilight 4 out of 5 stars.

Twilight was enjoyable for me as a fan. But the low budget shows through, quite noticeably. I liked Bella's house and the forest, but I was expecting more from the meadow and the Cullen house. The meadow was too crowded with trees and plants, when my idea of it was that it was open and bright. The glass in the Cullen house was great, but Edward's room was way too small and disorganized to be his. I thought that Forks High was great, except for the cafeteria. It was way too small, even for a tiny school like that one.
The acting wasn't exactly superb in all scenes. Rob spoke so slowly at times that it seemed he'd forgotten his lines! His American accent was great, though. He looked beautiful but always was wearing the same clothes and his lipstick was way too obvious. Kristen was great with her acting most of the time, but I expected more when she was leaving Jasper and Alice to go to the ballet studio.
The effects were...not so hot. Edward's sparkling skin was just okay. It should have been brighter and more apparent. And he should have stepped all the way into the sun. His "flying" and climbing up trees was unbelievable...literally. And his running wasn't supposed to look that way.
The ballet scene was magnificent. Lots and lots of violence! Although I wasn't expecting the bite on Bella's hand to be so big.
The movie moved so quickly that there was no time for characterization, and I have a feeling that some non-fan spectators were confused.
I enjoyed the prom scene, the baseball scene and the "twist ending." One of my favorite scenes was the cooking scene in the Cullen house, when Rosalie dropped the salad.
Altogether, I'm giving Twilight 4 stars because it was way too quick to follow for non-fans and some of the acting and effects were cheesy. However, the actors were dazzling and the whole movie was just...beautiful. In other words, I loved most of it but I'm not so sure that a non-fan would.

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