Friday, January 30, 2009

Dakota Fanning as Jane

In My Opinion...

Dakota Fanning as Jane the evil little vampire in the Volturi that has the power to make you feel pain that's not there...

I think it fits her; she has the ability to go from mean and hateful to kind and adoring. Her size fits and her age as well. She is a very cute girl and looks as Jane is described in the New Moon. 

But does she have the talent to look like she is causing someone pain? 

We will just have to wait and see.


  1. she is a nasty little booger. and she looks terrible in the pic

  2. I personally think she will be able to pull it off quite well. I have faith in her, and I think she is perfect for the part. I can just imagine it! She will be a perfect Jane! YAY! Cant wait!

  3. U BITCH! She is NOT a booger! She can defiantly do the job! + I will back her up 100%! I love Dakota Fanning. She is PERFECT for the job. And I will be disgracefully appalled if she does not get the part.

  4. I don't really think Dakota was the right choice for Jane Volturi... not to be mean or a bitch or out her down in any way... I think Dakota is a great actress... But I just don't see Jane that way...

  5. I think that they could of found some one better its just wayy diffrent then what i pictured jane to look like


    dakota+jane=messed up

  6. Dakota Fanning is perfect for the job as Jane, she has the right face, and right size, i'm sure she will play the part excentally. in her previous movies, she has played her parts well, and in 'Hide and Seek' she plays the little girl amazingly. In Hide and Seek she has to play a girl who has problems in the head, and has to be like Jane. i'm backing her up 100%, i'm sure she will give the film the icing on it's cake.

  7. I think Dakota Fanning will do a great job as Jane. She is a talented actress and I am sure she can take the part!


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