Sunday, March 15, 2009

Montepulciano Instead of Volterra

Twilighters Italia reports that instead of filming in Volterra, that segment of the movie will be filmed in Montepulciano:

At lunch in Los Angeles with one of the producers of Summit Entertainment, responsible for, and now Twilight, New Moon, the continuation of the saga is from the books of Stephenie Meyer, the bomb explodes: Despite ads, previews and generous offers of all sorts from part of the Mayor and the City, the sequel vampiresco not running in Volterra in the places of the novel, but in Montepulciano, where the troupe has found location "to be the most beautiful film." 
To confirm that Italy is always attractive to the romantic side, the producer announces a film entitled Letters to Juliet in Verona shot entirely in love with teenagers under the famous balcony. For inspiration in Italian law Three meters above the sky and thinks of the famous bridge Milvio padlocks. All this while the New York Times from 'space to news of the new policy of marriages in the shadow of Romeo and Juliet opened by the City of Verona ...

They received this information from Piera Detassis, director of Ciak, via his blog.

Hmm...I was looking forward to seeing the real Volterra, but I suppose if Montepulciano is "the most beautiful"...


  1. hey, who know the correct date when they come filming in muntepulciano? it`s very important to me, so, who know plis answer me:P

  2. hey :P
    who know the correct date when tdje start shuting in montepulciano? it`s very important to me, so , who know plis answer me :D


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