Thursday, March 12, 2009

Twilight Demographics (That's you, TwiMoms and Twimen!)

The Examiner has article on the wide range of ages (and sexes) that read/watched Twilight.

Critics of the Twilight Series suggest (sometimes often) that there is only one type of fan of the series: that which consists of young, teenage girls. However, the demography of a Twilight fan might be slightly more complex and vast than critics of the series and its popularity would like to admit.

Take the so-called "Twilight Moms" out there. Plenty of women (married, mothers, or career women) love the series...

Or the Twilight men, for example; yes, there are actually many male fans of the Twilight series. Sure, they may have been encouraged to read the books by their sisters, girl friends, or perhaps their Twilight Moms at the outset, but men are no categorical exception to the fan-dom of Twilight...

Of course, there are the so-called "Twilight Tweens" - women (girls, if you will) between the ages of as low as 8 or 9 and up to 25 years old. Tween fans love the characters not only for their encapsulating dialogue and flow, the heart-racing circumstances and adventures of Bella Swan, the Cullens, and the La Push family, but they also identify with the struggles of the age-groups involved in the series...

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