Tuesday, April 14, 2009

GQ Cover Wars

E! Online has an article about the two battling GQ covers: Rob and Zac Efron.

Last month it was Robert Pattinson staring us down and this May we get a bright-eyed Zac Efron. GQ is like the fancy version of Tigerbeat. Next month it has to be the Jonas Brothers, right?
Now, the accompanying Zefron profile is all about how he's got his head in the game—you know, typcial Efron stuff. It's great he's got it together, but it really doesn't make for the most interesting of discussions.
So what else is there to do but compare the teen idols' GQ covers?!
On the right, we have the sparkly vampire who looks disinterested in this whole thing. He didn't even shave before getting photographed for the cover. But that's part of his charming "I don't give an ef" attitude.
Then there's Zefron, the singing and dancing wonder who appears a little too enthusiastic, like "Hey guys! Does this blue make my eyes pop? Who wants to get a milk shake after this?!"
Really, it all comes down to whether you prefer guys with magical hair who come off like they don't care, or guys with magical hair who can work a parking meter...

Read the full article here.

Really? Is anyone supposed to care about some chirpy High School Musical kid who can do tricks with a parking meter? And his hair is nowhere near magical. Nuh-uh.

Rob all the way, baby!

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