Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Attempt to Be Edward...

Recently, I bought the Piano Solo book for Twilight: The Score, which includes several of the main pieces from the movie.

I recorded myself playing Bella's Lullaby on the piano, which you can listen to here.

Please take the time to listen! It's only a couple minutes long.

Now, I'm no Edward, so if you hear any slip-ups (especially when I'm turning the page!) just remember I don't have vampire fingers or reflexes.

I wanted to do this in case any fellow pianists were interested in buying this book, but wanted to see how it actually sounds on the piano and what the difficulty level is before spending $15 on it.



  1. how hard was it? I have just the basics of reading music and piano playing, chords, ect. HOw difficult would you say the piece was?

  2. It is really beautiful! I went and watched twilight after I heard it!
    Really good job!!

  3. Not should totally like practice it until you're a master like Edward and then re-record it and put it up for free so that we Twilighters and Twihards can have the piano versions too. ;)

  4. OMG! Excellent job!

  5. You did a really great job playing this. How long have you been playing? Thank you so much for putting this online. Again... beautiful job!

  6. It was nice to hear it without the orchestration. Thank you.

  7. That was beautiful to listen to!! I myself am learning that piece, and I can play the whole right hand but it's getting the timing down of the left with the right. Harsh. But listening to that gave me a much better clue haha!

    Thanks for the help!!

    btw was I the only who started playing and when you started realizing that "OH MY GOSH I AM PLAYING IT!!" you spazzed out? lol!!!

  8. Listening to you play makes me wanna go practice the piece somemore coz I'm nowhere near as good as you are! Like phoenix said, the right hand stuff is all good - just the timing with left hand stuff.

    Good Job

  9. Wow that was amazing, I trully enjoyed that.

  10. It was really good! I wish I could play like that!


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