Monday, April 13, 2009

New Moon Code-Named the Untitled Sports Movie?!

The Vancouver Sun has yet another article on New Moon and it's failure of a code-name:

Before a two-day shoot inside Pacific Rim National Park Reserve even began on March 20, it was shrouded in such secrecy it was code-named the Untitled Sports Movie.

As desperate as such measures might seem, the saga's huge, obsessive base of "Twi-hards" have made it unavoidable.

"To preserve the content of the material you're trying to capture, with such a large fan base who know the nuances of the books so well, you have to go over-and-above ordinary means of protection," co-producer Bill Bannerman explained.

Giving it a stupid code-name doesn't seem like protection to me. Seems more like a provocation of Twilighters! (We don't stop at obstacles like names, you know.)

A story by Keven Drews about the New Moon shoot in the Westcoaster newspaper got so many web hits its server crashed for an hour, said Drews, the newspaper's reporter, photographer and co-owner.

"Our traffic skyrocketed. We got more readers in a day than we get in a month," said Drews, who was also contacted by publications as far away as New Jersey. To his frustration, he also saw his story "mined" by other media and fansites.

As a blogger, I just want to say: Umm, since when is getting 30 times your normal reader traffic a bad thing?!  Seriously, you living in your own universe or what? 
Want to switch places? 'Cause I sure wouldn't mind getting all those hits. ;)

Read the full article here.

Ooh, yeah, and thanks to Pillow Biters, where I found this article.

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