Monday, April 20, 2009

NM filming sucked the LIFEBLOOD out of school...oh, my

A student at David Thompson Secondary wishes that New Moon had never come there. WHY?

The Twilight fans who wish scenes from New Moon had been filmed at their school should think twice. I know I speak for other students at David Thompson secondary school in east Vancouver as well when I say we are so glad the New Moon crew has gone.

It seemed pretty cool at first, but when you mix in the hottest celebrities with a horrible film crew, the school turns into chaos. Closing the cafeteria for two days, taking over the foyer and forcing students to make detours and stop dead in our tracks during our break and lunch because they were filming a big-shot movie was not cool.

If they had wanted us to be quiet, perhaps they should've thought that through before taking over our school for two days. The crew acting like our school was theirs didn't help either.

I'm also sure many staff and students did not appreciate outside stalker fans coming into the school trying to get a glimpse of Spunk Ransom either. Famous people are humans, too; they'd appreciate privacy just like you would.

Ashley Chow

From the Vancouver Sun.

Umm. Wow. Sorry, but it's pretty hard to see it from Ashley's point of view, as I'm sure you'd all agree. Sure, you may have had to miss your dear old cafeteria for a little while (really? who ever enjoyed the cafeteria anyway?!), but it's a chance of a lifetime to have some of the biggest stars on the planet FILMING AT YOUR SCHOOL. Did it ever occur to Ashley, and I ask this politely and without any intention of offense, that many would PAY her--a lot--to be in her place? To even be in such close proximity with a celebrity of that high-profile doesn't happen to 99.99% of the world.

You're very lucky, Ashley, and while I'm sure there are some downsides to having one of the biggest movies of the year filmed at your school, I'm absolutely certain that the positives would outweigh the negatives of the situation. 

And besides, you would get to see ROB! ALL the time! Nothing beats that! 


  1. nobody saw rob, you idjit

  2. Unless you've been at my school during the filming, you have no idea what it was like.

    "And besides, you would get to see ROB! ALL the time! Nothing beats that!" Wow, that was absolutely ridiculous. I got a hoot out of that.

    Just exactly how would we be able to see someone like Rob ALL the time? Do you really think that just because there are a couple of famous people in my school means that we ALL get to see them ALL the time? A fraction of the school got to see SOME of the stars, and it's not like they were going to take time out of their precious schedules to talk to us or sign autographs or anything.

    And I know there are crazy Twihards that say I'm a total Twilight hater for not liking the fact that they filmed @ my school ("ONLY 2 DAYS!!!"), but believe me, a LOT of Twihards at my school had a lot to complain about as well.

    I never said that I hated the cast or the books or the movie. Most people were pretty stoked at first like I did say in my letter, and the crew wasn't just there for those 2 days. The set-up took at least a week and after they tore off the green wallpaper that they had plastered on our really nice mural in the foyer, chunks of the paint had been torn off with the wallpaper. Workers at school (not New Moon people) are currently trying to re-paint that part of the mural.

    I'd like to think that people who actually have autographs and whatnot from the stars would be considered the lucky ones. The only thing that I would consider "lucky" from this experience is the fact that my high school will be seen in the movie, but of course, that came with its own set of complications.

    DT doesn't even get any money out of this. All of the money goes to the school board. The students got no real benefits from this other than 10-second sightings of Ransom or KStewart and company. No autographs, no photos with anyone. Nothing except a heck of a crew who think they own the school.

    And again, you wouldn't know if the positives outweighed the negatives or not unless you've been in DT's shoes. Maybe it's hard to see it from my point of view because you haven't been through it.


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