Saturday, April 18, 2009

Party Scene Costumes...REVEALED!

Vancity Allie, I bow down to you.
She waited around ALL night in the cold, long after all the teenage girls had left--for so long that the cast couldn't help but stop by to say hello! 

She captured a few nice shots of the cast in their party scene costumes--exciting!!!

Rob and Kristen speeding by in their car while Allie was waiting.

Wow, Peter's contacts are really...they look as good as if someone had done his eyes with special effects! And makeup looking good!

Kristen and Nikki both look gorgeous in this pic. :) Of course, their outfits were both covered up, but Allie informs us a little more on Kristen's dress:

It appears she is wearing a frothy light blue and turquoise striped cocktail dress. You can see...that the bottom of the dress is ruffled and layered.

Jackson, m'boy! Loving his hair right here. It's a bit ruffled and messy, perfect for when he's going wild for Bella's blood.

It looks like “Jasper”’s outfit for the scene will be a handsome dark blue button-up collared dress shirt, a bold square belt, dark blue jeans, and some really great black oxford shoes with a stacked heel, pointed toe, and matte leather.

*GASP* ROBBBBB. Need I say more? ;) Ashley looks very pretty as well, of course.
They rolled down the window and Rob exclaimed in his accent, “You guys are crazy!.” The girls got pretty excited and snapped a couple rare pics. Rob and Ashley smiled at us and put up with our photos and said bye to us before leaving.

Thanks so much, Allie, for freezing your pants off just so you could score these pictures. :)

I'm so excited about the party scene that--well, I don't need to tell you, I'm sure you feel the same way. These pix have given me an adrenaline rush. 
One question--where's Kellan?!?! And Elizabeth?!?! They better be in the scene, I can't miss a minute of my monkey man!

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