Thursday, April 23, 2009

A PSA about the fanfiction contest and the non-Twilight-y side of life

Hey :)

As you noticed, I didn't post at all yesterday and haven't posted today until *checks imaginary watch* 9:42 pm. I have been uber incredibly busy this whole week and will be for a few days. I'm going to say a huge sorry because there has been so much big news that I missed! I know you want in on all of it, so I'll be posting some old-ish news from yesterday and today along with new news today, Friday, and possibly Saturday. So please don't freak and say, "You're way behind, this isn't up to date!" because I'm just trying to give you everything that I missed. 'Kay? 

Secondly. On the Songfic fan fiction contest:
I honestly haven't been able to read a lot of entries yet. I have not forgotten you, though! The first place winner and probably the second place winner will receive banners. The third place winner may or may not receive a banner. First place winner will also receive "contest winner" status on the forums if I can arrange it. :) But--it may take me a little while longer to read the entries and judge them. Please be patient! I appreciate it!

Thanks. You guys are the best fans *ever* for not complaining about all of this. Hopefully you don't judge me as the worst blogger ever and never come back, because I'm counting on you to get our ratings back where they belong!

Love you!

1 comment:

  1. Hey!
    No probs-- life happens, right? I haven't been able to obsess like I normally do either, and it kills me to have real life obligations take priority over fun Twi-blogging!

    Take care of yourself!


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