Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rob Faces Backlash for Smoking?

Rob is being criticized for smoking throughout the Dossier and GQ photo shoots.

The actor - and real-life nicotine fiend – appears through a haze of cigarette smoke in a series of gritty shots in an upcoming issue of Dossier magazine.

In the no-frills pictures, the Twilight star plays on his scruffy image in jeans, vests and T-shirts, and rocks some full-on bed-head hair.
But it's not just Rob doing the smouldering - he is also clutching a cigarette in two of the shots.

While it's not the first time the actor has been snapped puffing away - he has been seen lighting up while 'off-duty', and sucked on a cigarette in a recent GQ shoot - these latest pictures have made Rob a target for critics who accuse him of flaunting his bad habit.

Read the article here.

Well, he does make it look glamourous, no matter how bad smoking is. But then again, doesn't Rob make everything look glamourous?

What's funny is that the picture of Rob (above) was labeled ROBFAG2. What the @#!%?
Ah, this makes sense: Amber says that fag is Brit slang for cigarette. I guessed along those lines, but really?


  1. Fag is British slang for cigarette. My husband finds it very humorous to point that out any time there is a picture of Rob with a cigarette in his mouth.

  2. WHY WOULD HE DO THAT! I HATE HIM NOW, WE R SUPPOSE TO LOOK UP TO HIM. why? this is a thing that makes me sad and i want to cry, why?

  3. i would like to bang the shiznneett out of him taylor and cam at the same tme


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