Friday, April 10, 2009

Shout Out to Twilight Tools, Twilight Teenies, Twilight Whores, and Twilight Noobs

...from the Urban Dictionary.

I had to post all of these because they're all so funny!

Twilight Teenie:

Someone who has caught on to the craze of the 'Twilight' novel series by Stephanie Meyer and tries to catch up with the trend, but fails terribly. A Twilight Teenie will most likely read the first three chapters of 'Twilight', will not be bothered to read the rest and will find out what happens in 'Twilight' and the rest of the books by reading what it says on Wikipedia.
*Twilight Fan attempting to have a conversation with a Twilight Teenie*

Twilight Fan: I wonder what will happen in the next Twilight book...?

Twilight Teenie: I know! OMG do you think Edward will have sex with Bella, coz you know he has no blood so he can't get it up... Edward is so HAWT!

TF:... Okay, but I've been wonder what will happen to Jacob, if he'll actually go to the wedding or not.

TT: Well, duuh he'll go to the wedding, he's Edward vampire brother!

TF: Erm... You mean Jasper? Or Emmett?

TT: Oh yeah yeah. And Charlie is the werewolf.

TF: Erm... No he's Bella's father.

TT: Oh that's it right and there's the wierd Italian vampires who, like do stuff to other vampires, like that time they were gonna kill Edward coz Bella was dead.

TF: Yeah... Erm, Bella doesn't die...

TT: Yeah, yeah, that's right, because Bella is the vampire that can see the future.

TF: No... I can't have this conversation with you anymore.

Twilight Tool:

The person generally went to go see the midnight showing of the movie without reading the books, and the next day went to the mall to buy half off Twilight apparel at 'Hot Topic.'

After these events, the person will go to 'Barnes and Noble' purchase a cappuccino, buy the twilight books, carry them around their high school, and pretend they are a vampire.
"Hey John, do you see Jenni over there with her brand new Twilight books?"

"Yeah, they still have the price sticker on them, what a 'Twilight Tool'"

Twilight Noob:

A person, usually of the female gender, that read the popular novel, Twilight, Post-Twilight the movie.

Their reasoning is based on two main facts:
1) Following the bandwagon.. Most teens had decided to read Twilight back in 2008 because of this giant Twilght-Epidemic.. Their peers had read them, so they decided they wanted to "fit in"
2) Their thirst for popularity. Teens today have this need to have gained trends, before they officaly started.. So those who had the knowlage of The Twilight Movie, had attempted to cosume the series in order to be able to state "I was reading the books before the movie came out" When in reality, they only read the books.. Because of the movie.

Twilight Whore:

any fan of twilight (preferably a girl) who flaunts her love of twilight like a 10 cent hooker.* although reasons for such whore status are unknown, some theories include:
~ to get attention
~ because her friends think its cool
~ because she has no life

*not to be confused with a TRUE twilighter.
Twilighter One: Ugh that girl has been wearing that Edward shirt for the past two months. Doesn't she shower?
Twilighter Two: Oh she's a twilight whore. Her and the others haven't showered since they first saw the movie.
Twilighter One: Is that healthy?
Twilighter Two: Not at all.

Found here.

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