Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Who should Rob hook up with? (besides me, of course...)

The Improper has a poll (you can still vote!) asking who you think Rob should hook up with.

Now, I know I'm everybody's first choice *wink wink*, but unfortunately I wasn't an option.

Here are the results of the poll so far:

KRISTEN- over 95.3% (more than 12,300 votes)
NATALIE PORTMAN- 1.69% (around 219 votes)
NIKKI- 1.25% (around 169 votes)

The rest were write-ins.

So what's the deal, guys? What do you have against Nikki that she fell to last place?

I know you want Kristen and Rob to hook up, but--she has a BF! Michael Angarano may not be as luscious as our boy Spunk but Kristen wouldn't do that. Er...she shouldn't. I wouldn't be able to resist if I were her...

I think Rob and Nikki are a good match, personally. How about you? They obviously already have some chemistry going...

When it comes to type, Rob says he doesn't especially have one. "I don't have a 'type," he told Elle Japan in a video interview earlier this year. "I like it when people aren't afraid to express themselves in what they wear or how they behave. It's annoying when people are afraid to be themselves."

Rob seems to prefer girls who are intellectual. In an earlier interview, he gushed about Harvard-educated Natalie, 27. He’s also expressed a penchant for older women.

Rob has also said he is drawn to strong women. "Even though it sounds odd, I like self confidence," he says. "What's strange is that I mostly like strong girls, but with them, I have the most problems."

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