Friday, June 12, 2009

Bobby reacts to fame

Radar Online interviewed Bobby Long of the Brit Pack:

Bobby was briefly in the U.S. in the spring, and returns with his Dangerous Summer Tour hitting New York in July. "It's wicked," he tells "I'm really, really excited about it. It's just a really nice thing for musicians to be playing songs every night." Long knows that being part of Twilight has helped his career tremendously "It's just put me on the map a little bit. I've always wanted to be a musician and write my own songs. I've played some shows and there was nobody there and this has really put me on the map. I get to do what I love doing."

Feeling the pressure of fame, Rob has been talking recently how he much the attention has changed his life, but Bobby doesn't seem to have that problem yet. "It hasn't changed a lot for me on a day to day basis, I'm still the same person and I don't get recognized, but people come to my shows and as a musician it's really nice to know to know when you play a show people out there are going to know your songs and recognize you as a musician, that's as much as you can really ask for I think." As for how the group of friends deal with the fame Bobby says, "I've always looked at stuff in a positive way; I find things funny, it's better than a kick in the teeth isn't it? I'd rather have somebody walking up to me and saying I like your music rather than somebody walking up to you and smacking you in the face." Bobby, we can't imagine anyone would want to smack you in the face!
Me either! Bobby=yummm.

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