Monday, June 22, 2009

Day Two of Twilight Clue and some FAQs

First of all, I've been getting a lot of the same questions and I don't think you've all understood the instructions I gave. Possibly because I'm terrible at explaining things. >_< 

Here are some questions (and answers) you've been wondering about: 

Is this contest open to non-U.S. residents?
I'm sorry to say this, but no. This blog makes no profit and since all the prizes are donations we're not going to be able to pay all those shipping costs. I apologize, truly truly.

Will the clues be taken down from each day after the day is over?
No. All the clues will be kept up on their respective sites until winners have been decided.

I've found some clues that haven't been posted yet. Are these legit?
Yes. If you find clues that have not been posted by me yet, they are probably legit but just posted in preparation for the next day. So hold on to them if you want!

I can't find some of these clues! Why not?
Either you haven't looked hard enough (They are not hidden in posts, are most likely somewhere on the homepage but may be on other main pages of the site) or the clues you aren't finding aren't hidden at all and are a part of the "guilty three".

How are we supposed to find the clues on such large sites that have so many posts and pages?
Clues are NOT hidden in posts. They are either on the homepage or on another main page of the site such as a features or about us page. NEVER in a post!

And without further ado, here are Day Two's Twilight Clues:

Possible weapons:


Possible "scene-of-the-crime"s:

The Meadow


Suspect murderers:




As a reminder, here are the sites to search through:

Also, see Day One's clues here.

And see the full rules of Twilight Clue here.


  1. I think you should disable the chat on your page for the duration of the contest. Looks like all the answers are eventually going to be put up over there. I think it would make it more rewarding for those who spend the time to really search.

  2. Hey! I mentioned your game on my video today! I'm planning on mentioning it everyday this week! Thought you'd like to check it out!

  3. Love your blog! And although I can't play "Twilight Clue" since I don't live in the States, I keep up with your blog on a daily basis just for the fun in it :D

  4. Looking at all your clue pics I was just thinking: theywould make a nice memory game too ( I think this could be done with Flash animation so that online users can turn the "cards" by clicking on them ) :-))

  5. How do we know which ones we arent supposed to find? Like when you play clue you know who all the characters ARE...and like...gah this is soo confusing.
    Are 45 going to be posted
    or out of the 45 only 42 will be posted?

  6. I agree, you should really disable the chat until the contest is over. It's not fair for us that are doing all this work to find the clues, and there are people that keep telling everyone where to find them.
    This is fun too, by the way!


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