Monday, June 29, 2009

Do You Want This?

Irritable Grizzly, written by caligula42, creates an alternative path to what could have happened when Edward left Bella alone in the woods in New Moon. It takes out the fantasy of fiction life and puts in the raw grit of reality. The author of Irritable Grizzly is fun and responsive to her reviews. Her comments grow from small statements in the first few chapters to an ongoing friendly relationship with the readers.
In Irritable Grizzly, Edward has to pursue Bella much more than he had to in the Twilight series when he and Bella are reunited. This change of scenario makes the situation between Bella and Edward make much more sense than in New Moon where, if you ask me, Bella was way too forgiving. Instead of Bella chasing after Edward, Edward has to put up a strong, convincing fight for the love of his life. Edward must ask himself this question, Do I want this? He digs deep inside of himself and pursues the answer to whether he can live without Bella or not. Irritable Grizzly involves all of the family members on a deeper level. Their love for Bella is much more focused on than it is in the Twilight series.
The only unfortunate part of the story progression is when the writer becomes possessor of a thesaurus. Also, there is a lot, I mean A LOT of narrative. There is goodness in the company of some dialogue. It helps keep the story moving and the mind interested. Caligula42 takes a while to get to the point, but once you get there… OH MAN! The chapters kind of go in circles but are rich in detail of who Edward and Bella are. If you have a desire to get to know Bella and Edward then this is the story for you.
The story is very intense but has comic reliefs in the dialogue and some action. Caligula42 creates great character development and is grammatically sound. In the story, Bella owns a dog named, Jake. It's funny how Jake the dog is so like Jacob from the Twilight series. Jake, the dog, keeps Bella secure during times without Edward and is her best friend even in Edward's presence. The dog’s personality rings true to Jacob’s because he has a characteristic dislike of Edward, as well.
A fun feature of the story to watch out for: Edward's hair has a mind of its own and kind of resembles a mood ring. It is highly entertaining to see where his hair takes him. All in all, Irritable Grizzly is a fan fiction story to get into and I personally can’t wait to read more!

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