Thursday, June 18, 2009

Introducing...The Gold Apple Standard! Fan Fic Review: Armageddon

Hi all! I'm Michelle and I've just joined the Peace. Love. Twilight! team and will be writing fan fiction reviews for all ages. Of course, I'm a huge Twilight Saga fan. I've written for various outlets all through high school and college and now am lucky enough to be writing for this fantantic blog.

My column will be called The Gold Apple Standard and all my reviews will be rated on a 1-5 Gold Apple rating system, 1 being "don't bother to read this" and 5 being "someone just gave Stephenie Meyer a run for her money." So let's begin with my first review!

"I...leaned my forehead against the glass of my window. My mind was filled with Bella's face: the pale lips, furrowed brow, terrified eyes, tear-streaked cheeks...Beautiful. Even in terror, in mortal danger, she was beautiful.

And I hadn't even told her I loved her before I left."

So says Edward Cullen in Lily Cullen's Armageddon . Armageddon is the last six chapters of Twilight from Edward's thoughts and words. Lily's story captures the spirit of Stephanie Meyer's own Midnight Sun, and though you know the outcome, you'll hardly be able to stop reading this fantastic piece of fan fiction. From the arrival of James, Victoria, and Laurent, to the ballet studio and Edward's saving of Bella, this story will only leave you wanting more.

The story opens on the baseball field with the arrival of the nomad vampires. As Edward hears James' thoughts and plans to track and kill Bella, his determination to save her fills his every move and thought. As Edward, Emmett, and Carlisle lure James away from Bella, the story races through Washington, Vancouver, and, finally, ends in Phoenix at the doomed ballet studio. As the fight between Edward and James bursts onto the page, the author does an amazing job letting the reader see exactly what Edward sees-both with his eyes and with his mind. When readers get to Edward saving Bella, they will not be able to pull their eyes from the page, in what is perhaps the best scene in a great story.

The author, (who has three other pieces of fan fiction, mostly based in the Eclipse time period) seamlessly incorporates dialog from both the Twilight book and movie into her story, making it that much better for fans. While she suggests reading Midnight Sun to fully understand Armageddon, I find the writing so good that it is not necessary, but it would certainly add to the story.

Lily Cullen captures Edward's character so well; she makes him even more compelling. Edward's never ending worry for Bella, his intense love for her, his desperation at how he feels he has put her in danger, and his need to save her to continue living himself, is done to near perfection by the author. She also gives us more insight to the Cullen family mind, especially Emmett, who is portrayed as both funny and fiercely loyal to his family, including Bella.

Though you know how it will end (it is the story of Twilight, after all), these six chapters will leave you waiting for the day that Lily Cullen finishes the final chapter (including the prom scene!). The writer is simply exceptional in her character development and storyline. In fact, this piece of fan fiction may make you fall in love with Edward Cullen just a little bit more.

Rated: PG-13

5 out of 5 Gold Apples

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  1. Wow...thank you so much for posting this. I just finished and I'm totally sitting here crying! It was amazing!


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