Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Funnies, as I laugh my behind off- a must-see laugh!

Saw this on Robsten Lovers, but it is courtesy of KDG at I heart mythical creatures:

*howls with laughter* I almost creamed my pants when I saw this. TOLD you it was a must-laugh! Thanks, KG!


  1. peace. love. twilight. I heart you so bad!!

  2. WOOT!!! KG is the bestest!
    Yay! I am just so freaking excited about this. I must email her NOW! lol

  3. Heart you too. Mwa.

    Haha, Ang! xoxo to you too. You basically make my life with your hilarity.

  4. Hey...its K at Robsten girls rock!I'm kinda 3 martinis in, so I posted a blog that KG won our bracelet giveway when it was suppose to be promo-related because she is a comedic genius and I was chekcing all her funny posts...I posted one of your vid too...that video is amazing! I mean Rob is sooo funny because he thinks it's a legit interview.

    We need to meet up sometime for drinks and mushroom ravioli!

  5. I LOL'd hardcore on this that my manager looked at me weird oops!

  6. @Anna - um... truly you are for sure the fun times one. :) truly truly.

    @Everyone - KG is AMAZINGLY wonderful. I truly adore her! She is FANTASTIC, for sure.

  7. Robsten- WTF?! Definitely 3 martinis in, I have no idea what you just meant to say!

    Ang- Thanks. AGAIN. Haha, you are far too complimentary to me...don't overdo it or I'll my head will inflate...more... ;P


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