Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Get Burned...

In her fan fiction, Burned, author LessaM gives readers a look the Volturi's "witch twins," Jane and Alec. Told from Jane's perspective, this one-shot piece revels the human side of Jane and Alec-and may leave readers surprised.

The story opens with Jane and Alec awaiting Aro. It is the anniversary of their transformation from human to vampire, and Aro has a gift for them. As they wait, Jane begins to reflect on the last day of their human life. As humans, Jane and Alec were happy, carefree children, who loved games and innocent tricks. Living in a time where fear of witchcraft is rampant, this is a dangerous pastime. An innocent trick brings the townsfolk down on them swiftly. As Jane and Alec face their punishment, what will be their vampire talents begin to emerge. The end of the story returns to the present and Volterra, where Aro presents his gifts to his two most beloved guard members, gifts that touch the long dead human part of Jane and Alec.

LessaM is a talented writer, who has written several other pieces, including a co-write of the award winning Desperation. Her character development is excellent and she is able to bring true emotion to the page. Though it's not mentioned by the author, it appears that much of the background of Burned is drawn from the character info from Twilight Lexicon, making it that much more interesting for devoted readers.

The character development is done well, but it is surprising. Jane and Alec, who supposedly had talent that the Volturi had been watching for years, appear to be normal, happy children. I would have like to see something a little darker from the twins, or at least the potential of them being darker. Instead, all their "potential" comes at the end for them. I feel that Jane has too much of a connection to her human past, even a longing for it, something that was certainly not apparent in sadistic Jane from the Twilight Saga. Alec, though his character is not as developed as Jane's in this story, appears to have the potential of being very kind, even as a vampire, which doesn't seem right to me. The characters are well developed, but there just seems to be something missing from them.

However, the concept-that one mistake can change someone completely-is done very well. Although I expected and hoped for something darker, this one-shot is worth a read for those who want a glance at how Jane and Alec may have been as humans. Burned gives readers a human look at two very dark characters from the Twilight Saga.

Rated: PG-13

3 out of 5 Gold Apples

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