Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Guest Post: I Heart Peace, Love & Twilighters

Angie, AKA cuteangiek of Super Secret Twilight Blog, guest posts on PLT:

When I was first asked to guest post I completely freaked out in a totally great way! Me, little ole me, guest post??? And not only JUST guest post, but for someone I truly adore and respect. However, as the glow of excitement slightly waned, I realized I had NO CLUE what to post about! What is a guest poster? And what do they do? I mean the whole point of having a blog is to share your thoughts and likes, so why then would you give your blog over to some random person?

And while I’ve had guest posters before on SSTB, when faced with being one myself I was at a complete loss. What did I have to offer to the wonderment that is Peace. Love. Twilight? Why would anyone want to hear from me there?

All these thoughts brought to mind my love for the Twilight community [I know, random jump there, but that’s the way I roll]. You see, while I fell in love with Twilight the Book Series first, I have recently realized I have fallen harder for the vast online Twilight community. We are an eclectic group. From the ladies at Twitarded, who are wonderfully and cleverly outspoken, The Twilight Moonlighter and Eyes of Amber, who give us up to date information on the latest Twi-happenings, Lauren’s Bite, who brings her personality and wit to the table, or Ana Cristina at The Danger Magnet, who provides a place for us to dive into the world of Twilight and pick it apart. What about the unsung heroes of the Twi-world? Those who while talented, might not have a legion of followers to back them, like I Heart Mythical Creatures, Edward to my Bella, Something Less Productive and Why Not? RPattz, Twilight and Me. And, lest we forget, you the follower, commenter and even you, the ever-allusive lurker.

What makes this community so great? What keeps us coming back for more? Is it simply Twilight? Simply Edward Cullen? Merely sparkles and a dog named Jacob?

I would beg to differ with ANYONE who would believe that we Twilighters are so vapid, so empty, so ignorant and merely carbon copies of one another. One would only need to pursue these excellent Twilight Blogs, see the differing personalities behind them, to know that each is uniquely its own. Each Twilighter brings their own diverse signature to the mix. The greatness of our community can be seen in our promoting of one another. An excellent way to do so, have a guest blogger! Give up your opportunity to shine and allow someone else to take center stage. Wow, a truly selfless act.

But why do we keep coming back? Why are we here?

We come back for more, because there is a sense of community here, a giving, a sharing and a support system. For creativity. For generosity. For acceptance. For friendship. We may have found one another, because we first found Twilight. We may all have bonded while debating Bella Swan or swooning over Mr. Pattinson, but it ‘s our friendships, these bonds that we are cultivating now, that will last for years and years and years to come.

I am proud to be a Twilighter. I hold my Mr. Cullen high where ever I go and my books are proudly displayed in my front office for the entire world to see. My friends and family know I blog about Twilight. And YES dang it, I saw the movie SIX times in the theater!

Furthermore Susan, I will say nay to anyone who would say that we are anything, but a brilliant community of MEN and women, of all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds, from all across the globe, Canada, Africa, Sweden, Romania, and more.

We are not one androgynous group and we have NOTHING to be ashamed of. Can I please say that again? WE HAVE NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF!! And while I agree that there are some of us who many need to simmer down occasional, from my experience, the people I have met within these hallowed halls have been nothing but kind and embracing as I have fumbled my way into their world.

I heart you, Twilighters. I count myself blessed and proud to have you call me one of your own.


You can stalk Ang at SSTB, in the comments, or anywhere cool Twilighters are found. Send her an email at supersecrettwilightblog@gmail.com. She is a Twi-purity girl, so no spoilers please!


  1. Thank you soooo very much for asking me to do this. I heart the graphic and I heart you EVEN more. :)



  3. Hey, thanks for the shout out! See, cuteangiek, there is mucho love for you, girl!!!

  4. And one more thing to add, those mentioned in this blog are just the tip of the BEAUTIFUL iceberg of WONDERMENT that makes up the Twi-universe. :) For example, the lovely Amanda Bell, Twi-Crack, Letter's to Rob... oh HELL!!! I think you get the point. We are such a wonderful, lovely group. I LOVE YOU ALL. [And I am such an over explainer. DEAR LORD, do I ever have issues.]

  5. Awww Angie. All I have are the sites. All you bloggers are awesome and dedicated. (post don't post them selves) So thanks for entertaining all us fans each and every day!

  6. Seriously Angie...my heart just exploded with more love for you! There may or may not be tears....BIG thanks for the shout out! =D

    This is my very 1st time here on this bloggy blog...I think I might stay. Wait...gotta go get my tent and supplies...who likes s'mores?

  7. Awww Cutie:) You are one of the many wonderful, great things that Twilight has brought to my life!!!!!:):):):)

    I heart you much!!!

    Yay to Peace*Love*Twilight!!

  8. I'm up for those s'mores! Mmmmm haven't had those in a while ;P

  9. Angie... you had me at hello *tear*
    Seriously, you make a great point as usual. We have one freakin' amazing community here. We're all different and we love each other for it, though we were brought together by a common love of all things Twi!
    And you mentioned me!! it's possible that I was serious about the *tear* part...
    I think I shall go post my "Holding Pocket Edward High With Pride" picture, because you inspire me!

  10. Thanks for the bloggy love, Angie! I'm so glad I met you (even if it was through my computer) because you are the awesomeness. Glad to see you getting the recognition you deserve. Great post! :)

  11. It´s a pity that I didn´t found your post earlier. Really, I was stunned while reading. This was definitely the most emotional post I´ve ever read !

  12. Yay cutes! Totally agree about the awesome community, and I'm continually happily elated at smart smexy bitches we all are!


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