Monday, June 22, 2009

Held Captive by Making Enemies!

Inspiration taken from Snow Patrol, nursing, terrorist threats, and (of course!) Twilight, Making Enemies by carolinacrc, is an exciting thriller that sweeps you, the reader, onto a journey with beloved characters Bella and Edward. The story starts off with Bella staring out of a window from a small, cold room where she has been held captive. As the plot unfolds, Bella’s mind gives you information about her life before the kidnapping and reveals frightening and uplifting details about her captors. Making Enemies doesn’t let Bella sit and ponder for long as it takes her down excruciating turns and doubting hopes about her past and future.

The author is grammatically and lyrically talented. She writes the story from Bella, Emmett, and Edward’s points of view. Each of their characters is developed well and leaves you knowing the original characters better than before. You will fall in love with Bella’s fierce, bubbly, and quick-to-be-frightened mentality. Emmett is an intelligent, caring, and judicious character who fights for the moral innocence of Bella. Edward has the serious intensity that every Twilight fan knows and loves. He and Bella’s relationship are just in the makings as the author continues to update her chapters.

Making Enemies takes the Twilight characters to a new, but nostalgic, world altogether. The author brilliantly takes character traits and relationships from the original series and intertwines them with her clever, well thought out story of Nurse Bella and her rudely interrupted life. We can all remember and appreciate how Twilight’s Bella also had an abrupt awakening in the little town of Forks. Making Enemies will not disappoint and is a story not to be taken at a glance. This one can be read many times over and reveal foreshadowing that cannot be noticed from just one read.

You can find Making Enemies at:

Making Enemies is rated M for some strong language and references to violence. If below the age of 16, this is probably not the story for you.

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