Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kristen gets a makeover

Soo, I wanted to try out a great tutorial I found on one of the greatest creations known to man, also known as, that basically showed how to glamorize/vampirize a photo using Photoshop. I knew some of this stuff before, but it helped me through a lot.
 I practiced my glamorizing on an already pretty-glam KStew photo shoot pic.


(click all images for larger sizes)

Pretty HAWT if I do say so myself. :) Keep in mind this is my first time using all these techniques so it'll get better, I promise!


  1. I saw this on Lazy. I truly love that blog. Truly truly. Anyway. You did an AWESOME job. Truly truly! Wait I say truly truly a lot... hum.
    Just noticing that.

    Well, it doesn't mean I don't mean it? lol Qas this all Photoshop?

  2. You do say truly truly a lot. LOL.

    Why, thank you, m'dear!

    And 'twas all Photoshop. It was actually easier than I expected.

  3. That break down by AG looked insanely complicated. I might just have to try this out now. It will be a fail, I'm nearly postive, but turning people into crazy, pretty, freaky vampies might be far to much fun to pass up. :)

    My husband is always doing crazy stuff with photoshop. It's so much fun if you know how to use it.


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