Monday, June 22, 2009


Good day, my name is Heather. I had contacted Anna about writing for PLT a while back as I have my own “tongue in cheek” blog where I attempt to write anonymously and let my inner cougar out. She visited my site and asked me if I could write for the “adult audience” of her blog. I obliged and conceded to her one stipulation - no gossip about the stars personal lives. It has taken me a while to figure out what to write about thus this being my first entry and more of a hello than a real editorial of major substance. Alas, there is more to come.

I would like to take this time to open up the comments as a forum for us to discuss what it is about Twilight, Stephenie, Rob, and the like that has created so many blogs. Are they all the same? Is it just a regurgitation of the same information over and over? I, personally, would like to think not. I visit many of the blogs. Letters to Rob is what got me started as a blogger as I began needing a place to vent my insane crush on him and got tired of people telling me that I was robsessed. It was only after my page was created that I received a comment accusing me of copying Gozde and Dani at RobsessedPattinson. ( Gozde visited and told me she was cool with me after I slammed the commenter asking what exactly I was copying.) So I ask you… Why is there a need for so many blogs? What keeps you visiting multiple blogs for you twilight fix? Are all the other blogs just copycats of earlier creations?

To answer the aforementioned questions, I have decided to dig deep and really ask myself what my answers to those questions would be. I believe that with any hot topic there are many views and many voices that deserve to be heard. Sure, I love UC and Moon at LTR and they do hit the nail on the head for me OFTEN. However, I want to say my piece too in my own forum. I think it is the same for all of the other bloggers out there. I would challenge anyone to find out who was the OB (original blogger) so that we can pay homage to them. I tend to believe you would be hard pressed to find that person. I, like any other robsessor or twihard, get my google alerts that tell me what I need to know. ( I get three actually – Rob Pattinson, Robert Pattinson, and Twilight Saga) These alerts help me to decide what I may want to read and/ or write about. I am pretty sure that this is how the other bloggers go about their day. I visit various blogs to hear their takes on subjects that touch me, infuriate me, or make me laugh before or even after I have typed my piece. Truth is, I believe we are all fans of a wonderful saga that has touched us in some way leaving us feeling connected to the story, the stars, and each other. I also believe we need to embrace each other for who we are collectively and separately. Give each other a boost by visiting each other’s blogs, offer information we may know but others have not learned of yet, and most of all be supportive.

In the end, I am a 34 year old stay at home mom, student teacher, and a photographer who is slightly smitten with Rob Pattinson. I am just one in a world of many that desires to meet the man that not only brought Edward to life but brought Hollywood to its knees. (incidentally I probably would have made a lewd comment here but decided to keep my first post clean) Robert will continue to bring us great cinema and, hopefully, great music. The starts of Twilight will continue to be our drug of choice as the Saga continues filming and we will continue to be a legion of fans that resemble that of a bowl of potpourri. I am happy to be part of PLT and am here to serve you- the readers. Comments are encouraged and appreciated. Until then – Be Safe!

Heather – ThatRobsessedChick from IamRobsessed

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