Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Twilight Clue Contest winners!

And the winners of our popular Twilight Clue contest that received so many entries the form-building company thought it was spam, are....

5th place: Margie Clow

4th place: Annie

3rd place: Aprili Sanders

2nd place: Susie Shafer

And 1st place: Aimee Huff

Congratulations to all the winners! (If you are one of these people, you should have received an email.)

I would also like to thank everyone who took the time to participate and search endlessly through sleepless nights to find these clues. 

I also want to thank all of the sites who participated in the contest with hiding clues and particularly the sites who donated prizes. This contest would not have been such a success without your help!


  1. What was the final answer?

  2. So when do we get to hear the correct answers!?

  3. Are you going to release the answers? PLEASE?

  4. wait, what was the answer?

  5. Yes. final answer please. I couldn't find 3 of the people, but knew the weapon and locations.

  6. I would also like to know the final answer as I could NOT for the life of me find the clues for Edward, Emmett, Jasper or James. And I searched crazily for them! I had the place and the weapon, but I totally had to guess on the murderer.

  7. That is exactly what I'd like to know. What is the answer & where were the clues? I looked everywhere and I still didn't find atleast 3 of the people. Please let me know!! Thanks :)

  8. Yeah, what was the final answer??? :)

  9. Now that it's all over, can someone tell me where is the world Emmett and Fire were located. I search each page of each listed site and never found those two, so I took a shot in the dark and guessed. So where were those???

  10. Fire was on one of the website's heading's pages, it wasn't ont he homepage...but I am curious as to where everyone found Edward, Emmett and James. I had crossed James off early because going through the sites, someone had him posted before he was given as a clue...but I never saw him again after that going through websites for the rest of the clues. SO, I'm curious...where did everyone else find those three. And BTW...suspiciously, there were 3 websites that I couldn't find any clues on ANYWHERE!


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