Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Twilight Phenomenon?

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So, I walk into a bookstore here in Canada and guess what I see - an entire aisle dedicated to Twilight. I have had much fun in that aisle. But - that's beside the fact. I really want to know why Twilight has gotten so big. Well, it's no wonder why I like it - it is the ultimate novel and series - with forbidden love, vamps, werewolves. What else could you ask for?

But why has Twilight becoming such a huge deal? Well, I believe it's because of the movies. It is no wonder that ever since the movies - because everyone love movies - that Twilight has reached its ultimate point in popularity. But not only are the movies popular, the actors in it are also popular. I am beyond astonished at how many sites are out there dedicated to post the latest news on all the cast members of New Moon and Twilight. Such as Kristen with The Runaways and Rob with Remember Me.

Yet, Movies are what has been pushing Twilight out of the roof. I know many people who wouldn't even dare to pick up the books and read them. However, I had a friend who started reading the books after watching the movie. So the book published on screen is what is pushing more people over the edge of becoming Twihards.

Ever since the first movie, there have been so many new merchandises in stores such as Hot Topic, Chapters here in Canada. Even myself, I have bought much merchandise - but I hate to think that the only reason why Twilight had been popular was because of the Movies. I loved the books since the moment I read them and I remember even know how I could not put the book down in the 4 hours that I finished the first book.

But, the film industry really helps Twilight's case and that scares me. What if they screw up the next movie? Will more people enjoy the screwed up version and never know what it is actually supposed to be (not that I think the movies will be screwed up).

I believe that Twilight should have gotten more fans and more publicity not because of the movies, but because of the books. I am not denying that the books were not popular, but I do seem to think that the saga got more popular after the first movie as more fans become obsessed, twihards.

And I do believe that the actors in Twilight should not only be recognized for their work in Twilight - but for their other works. Everywhere I read or go, there is always a Twilight star or New Moon star in front of Kristen, Ashley or Rob's name. Why can't these talented actors just get their name for other works that they do and for their talent, not for the work they do in a popular bestselling series?

What do you guys think?

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