Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another hawt British boy who has caught my fancy

You all saw my post on Hugh Dancy, my latest British boy craze. Now here's another who has caught my eye...

Jim naughtyboy Sturgess! ;)

Okay, so I actually first noticed him awhile ago when I watched Across the Universe, which is an absolutely AMAZING movie that everyone should experience, BTW. 

I've also seen him in the movie 21, where he plays an American nerd. And remains hot as ever.

Now my gal pal Betti Gefecht commented on my post about Hugh Dancy that she has some requirements for these men, which Hugh fulfilled all except one: a good singer. 

However, I am glad to say that Jim Sturgess DOES have an exceptional voice, as you can hear pleasurably and frequently in Across the Universe (watch. now.) He sings Beatles song better than they did, in my humble ol' opinion. :)

If you want more info on Jim, I would recommend JimSturgess.org. They've got a photo gallery..... *winkity wink*

PS: No worries to all you Rob purists, I remain faithful to RPattz always. Is it so wrong to love more than one HAWT TALENTED  BRITISH BOY?


  1. I totally agree. Jim Sturgess is very very hot. Whenever I see pics, I just grin and mentally say 'yummy'

  2. Well... I loved Jim Sturgess in Across The Universe and thought he did a fabulous job singing Beatles' songs. I will say this much, while I am solely a Pattinson kind of gal, Mr. Sturgess does make my heartbeat quicken... slightly.

  3. My hubby is a big Beatles fan, and a coworker lent us Across The Universe...and YES, he is a handsome one...i love a man that can sing...

  4. he was fantastic in Across The Universe...hubby loves The Beatles and brought this movie home at the suggestion of a coworker...i definitely enjoyed more than he did!


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