Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cameron Bright as Alec for New Moon

Well, here's a refresher this is Cameron Bright from X-Men: The Last Stand, he played the cure for all the mutants and now he will be playing Alec in New Moon! Aren't we all just excited. I can't wait to see how all the cast come together for this movie. Anywho, as of lately different reporters have been interviewing cast from the New Moon movie and it just so happened to be Cameron!
Were you a “Twilight” fan beforehand? Have you read the books?

Never read the books but I did watch the movie. Because a lot of people were saying like, it was half and half— all the guys were saying it was bad, and all the girls were saying it was good. I actually liked it, I didn’t mind it at all. And now obviously, I have to be in it, so…yeah [Laughs.]
Read the entire interview here!

Picture by Nanaimo Daily News
Article and Source by MSN Movies


  1. Cameron is such a beautiful and wonderful person. He is the reason that I wake up everyday and the reason why I am laerning so many new things. He is just everything to me and I want the whole world to know it. And I will just have to show the world what he means to me.

  2. Cameron is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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