Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chris Weitz all for New Moon?

Sadly, Catherine Hardwicke will not be the director for the upcoming movie New Moon, due to another shooting of a movie. But a great replacement has saved us all and his name is Chris Weitz. But I'm sure everyone knows that, and I'm sure you all have read the new exclusive interview with the new director! No, no, no, you haven't. It's new and exclusive!
Q: The day we were on set you shooting in the headquarters of the Italian vampires.

Yes, that's a gigantic sets.

Q: Just so you know, I purposely don't read the books because I want to enjoy the franchise as a moviegoer...

Many people purposely don't read the books. They are called men. (Laughs.)
To read the exclusive interview where Chris tells ALL, click here!

Even though we obviously have not seen New Moon, what do you think of Chris directing the movie? Is it or is it not going to live up to the hype of the books?
Article, source, and picture by HitFix

1 comment:

  1. Movies are seldom as good as the books. You kind of have to go in with no expectations and enjoy the visual aspects that you don't get with the book or you'll just be disappointed.

    Frankly, two hours of Rob in any form is worth the $8 for me.


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