Sunday, July 26, 2009

Comic-Con: Fan Report at "Twilight" Screening

"Coral shares her pics and story from Comic-Con, where she got to see some of the newest New Moon cast members:

We got to the theatre for the Twilight screening right as the twilight cast was arriving 5:30 or so. The line went up several blocks to get into a theatre and took us over an hour to get into ours.

Our screening had Billy Burke, Nikki Reed, Jamie Bower, Noot Seear, Kellan Lutz,& Kiowa Gordon. While our theater had the initial screams when they first came through the door, it died out real quick for we were thankfully a tame group. I felt a bit bad for them for they were standing there facing us (we were 3rd row) and flashes were just going off. Their eyes had to be burning so I stopped taking pictures (sorry my photos really aren't the best for that reason). Kiowa was rocking a Zac Efron Hairdo and was very shy and quiet, I think a bit overwhelmed from it all. While I wasn't a big Kellan fan before, I am now. He is completely charming and gorgeous! Is there a Team Emmett? I might consider changing teams :)LOVE Jamie's accent!!

Most certainly swoon worthy! Billy had the rugged thing going on. Says that he is going to have a twitter vote for his mustache in the 3rd movie. I hope he loses the pornstache he is hot without it! (I can say that I am over 30!) Noot was quiet and looked out of place a bit... and actually found Nikki enduring which surprised me. All in all a good day.Coral also picked up some cool
New Moon swag:"


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