Sunday, July 26, 2009

Comic-Con: Recap of the "New Moon" Press Conference

While I may not agree with the notes from this person, I thought that it would be good to share these with you. First hand account of the press conference with the "New Moon" cast and director.

Rob looked relaxed, fantastic, but tired. Kristen looked like trash. Taylor looked young, happy, energetic, and HOT! Ashley is just breathtakingly beautiful.

Taylor is definitely the most relaxed in the panel and very thankful of the fans. His answers are clear, concise, and direct. (Lots of practice, though. They are mainly the same questions he’s been asked in every interview.) And always showing off that stellar smile. AND IT IS STELLAR (even from about 30 ft away, which is about where I was). Nothing shocking or offensive.
Kristen is an idiot. She can’t seem to put together a decent sentence… just awful. She squirms constantly… sits up, sits back, legs up in seat, legs down, hands all over the place. Just dreadful.
Ashley is pretty and poised. Answers succinctly and is fairly on point. She’s just grateful to be there and seems genuine and sweet.

Rob is typical Rob. Smiling while running his hand through those gorgeous locks, but really trying to give thoughtful answers. He is also self-depricating on more than one occasion. (Calls himself a pussy in regards to playing music in front of people right now. And also remarks that while being awkward on screen shouldn’t be a problem, he’s not sure he can be witty and therefore, is non-committal about doing future comedy roles.) His voice is quiet and occasionally a flash of embarrassment crosses his face due to some outburst in the crowd (the “I love you, Rob.” Or, “Marry me, Rob.”) His accent is flawless, and sounds lyrical in person. Altogether, humble and trying not to steal more than his share of attention."

So, what did you think of the cast and their answers? Did you agree with this person or did you form your own opinions?

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