Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Crazy fangirl tales from Italy

*CAUTION: Article scans include New Moon film spoiler pics*

Twilighters Italia so kindly translated the following article from the Italian magazine Ciak, about the New Moon filming in Montepulciano:

"Hangin' on one of the barrier about the set of New Moon in
Montepulciano, a girl won't be stopped to do a proposal
(indecent) to one of the bodyguards. "If you let me go take
some pictures of Robert Pattinson at the end of this street,
I swear I'm going to give you 100€".

She won't be the only one. At Relais San Bruno, where
Robert Pattinson is staying, every night until midnight more
than 20 girls are guarding the gateway weaponed with pens,
books and sheets.

And this isn't the craziest thing they're doing. If you're
one of the many who thought twilight was at the apex of
success with the movie (43 million books sold), you'll
have to set your heart at rest: that was only the tip of the

In the five days of shooting in Montepulciano there isn't
anymore one single room available for booking: girls came
from Germany and France, some of them arriving, loaded with
blankets, at 4 AM to have a ringside seat. Some of them
instead stood 15 hours in front of the exit of the set.

Robert Pattinson, voice low and a magnetic presence, is
pacing the floors of the city hall like an an hunted animal,
while Kristen Stewart, much more tense and actually jumpy,
is hiding in the hotel room equipped for the make up.

The wish to see and (hopefully) touch the two main
characters of Twilight is so much that often, even the
extras, cloated in red hoods in the main square, needs to be
berated for turning towards them while a shot is being

Anything and everything with a twilight logo nowadays moves
masses of money. Catherine Hardwicke understood it. She was
fired, her place taken by Chris Weitz for this second
chapter, but she taught well and published a book, Twilight
- director's notebook, in which she tells secrets and behind
the scenes of the first movie.

Weitz -that in the meantime, with his wife and son, is
touring the alleys of Montepulciano- admitted that he never
spoke with Catherine Hardwicke because he knows that the
third movie, eclipse, is going to be directed by someone
else, David Slade.

What's New Moon aiming for? Raise the cash earned with
twilight since this time, beside a (far) better CGI work,
there would be actors -like Dakota Fanning and Michael
Sheen- that would deliberately draw attentions.

The wait has began and the countdown for november20th
started the very same moment in which the filming process
ended, here in Montepulciano, among fans disappointed
because they couldn't see anything. Not even Pattinson's
nape. "And if I'll give you 200€, you'll let me take that

Italian post from Twilighters Italia

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