Wednesday, July 22, 2009

From Dr. Cullen to Dr. Cooper: Peter Facinelli is H-O-T!

"Grabbing Edie Falco's breasts isn't as easy as it looks.

Nothing against the fabulous star of Nurse Jackie, it's just that Peter Facinelli, who plays the sexual Tourette's-afflicted Dr. Fitch Cooper on the hit Showtime series, has to think long and hard about just how to pull off the perfect boob grab.

If you have no idea what we're talking about, here's the deal: Nurse Jackie is one of our favorite new shows because it's smart, funny, quirky and has characters we actually care about. It's not your everyday medical show. Forget it's even a show centered on an ER nurse. It's a show about double lives, drug addiction, personality quirks and the struggles of every day life (OK, the last one was cliché, but trust us, the show is anything but cliché.)

Dr. Coop—who is a far cry from Peter's other doctor role as Dr. Carlisle Cullen of the Twilight and New Moon films—plays a socially awkward doctor who tries way too hard to get everyone to like him and who is clueless that most people just don't. And he has sexual Tourette's, in which he acts out in inappropriate ways when he is nervous or stressed. In his case, he often grabs Nurse Jackie's boob when she is confronting him about something. It's funny, off-putting and puzzlingly endearing the first time, and surprisingly, it's even funnier, more off-putting and more endearing the next time.

Here's what Peter has to say about his character's weird tick and what's to come this season...

Peter Facinelli, Swoosie Kurtz, Blythe Danner, Nurse Jackie

What did you think of your character having sexual Tourette's?

When I first heard it was part of my character, I didn't even know if it was real. But I might have started something. People are going to do that in the workplace and blame me. "Hey, I've got sexual Tourette's. What are you going to do? I'm taking medication for it now." It's pretty ingenious of the writers to have come up with that.

How weird are the scenes where you have to grab Edie's boob?
Yep, a couple of times I had to grab breasts. It's always awkward actually. It's a sexual organ but it's so nonsexual. And at the same time it's supposed to be something he's not aware he's doing. It's a subconscious thing, so I have to forget I'm doing it consciously. It's actually hard to play. On paper it's really funny, but when I have to do it, it's pretty difficult.

The sexual tick isn't really explained much this season. Maybe next season the writers will shed some light on it?
I haven't seen any scripts for next season yet, so I don't know what the plans are. But I think the nervous tick, the sexual Tourette's, comes from my two mothers, and not because they are lesbian moms, but of who the lesbian moms are because of their relationship and because of who those characters are. That's why I think he developed such a nervous tick growing up.

Speaking of your two moms, played by the amazing Blythe Danner and Swoosie Kurtz, that was my favorite guest casting in a long time. Are they coming back?
Not this season, but I only hope that they bring them back because they were so much fun to play off of, and they are great actors and great people.

Any other guests coming up?
We have Victor Garber [Alias] for two episodes. [He's in the final two eps of the season, by the way.] I don't have scenes with him. But I talked to him and hung out. When you have Edie Falco, people want to work with her."


Which version of Peter do you prefer: Dr. Cullen or Dr. Cooper? You have to admit that he is the hottest Dr. either way!!! :)

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