Thursday, July 2, 2009

Head "South"

"The thing is, I am just really good at killing people," Jasper tells us in this chilling opening line of princesswingnut's fan fiction piece, South.

What if, at Bella's birthday party, Edward hadn't been able to save her from Jasper's blood lust? What would have become of the Cullen family? South gives readers a desperate tale from Jasper's point of view, as he flees his family after doing the unthinkable-killing Bella Swan. Edward, inconsolable and broken, goes after him, as the family is forced to take sides and begins to break apart. The story ends up in Monterrey, Mexico, where Jasper rejoins his old place in his creator Maria's vampire army, setting off a chain of events that will eventually face the brothers against one another, forcing them to make the choice of who should live, how deep family ties run, and how desperate a man can be.

South is part of the author's four story, Compass Point Series. Princesswingnut writes brilliantly and gives readers detailed insight to her characters mind-frame. Be forewarned that the timing is a bit off from the original Twilight Saga; Bella's birthday takes place after the events of New Moon. Despite being told from several different characters' perspectives, the story never becomes confusing, instead this element adds to the telling. Both Jasper and Edward are desperate men, Edward from losing his Bella, and Jasper because he is racked with guilt at being unable to control himself. As Jasper fails over and over, he begins to see himself as a monster, overwhelmed by the feelings and emotions of those around him. The story crosses the US and Mexico, takes us through the minds of several characters, and builds up the emotions flowing through the characters. When the Cullen family meets again, the intensity of the story is so high and there are so many options to what may happen, that readers will be wondering how this story can possibly end. In fact, after all the anticipation, the conclusion of the story is slightly anticlimactic; after the intensity of the build up, it seems a little flat.

This is a story of guilt, loss, and finding out who you are. Readers will love this take on Jasper, in spite of what he does. His intensity, his guilt, and his longing to be "good" fill the pages. While Jasper can keenly feel all the emotions around him, he struggles trying to define his own as he drowns in guilt, stating at one point, "Guilt jumped up from my chest and swallowed me whole." With one exception (Alice was disappointing), all the characters have nearly perfect characterization. Princesswingnut's South is a trip worth taking.

Rated: T (PG-13)

4 out of 5 Gold Apples


  1. This sounds fantastic!!! I can't wait to check it out!

  2. Thanks for the review! This sounds interesting.


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