Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm going away!

Yes, I am leaving you for more than three weeks! I know, your eyes probably just popped out of your head.

I'm going on an international trek of sorts, therefore you won't see any posts from me for a looong time, unless I somehow find a computer there that I can access (I'm not bringing my lappytoppy).

I will miss you all sooo very much! No worries, the blog will keep running, though. My staff will be taking care of that. And if any of them misbehave *wink*, you guys will let me know, right? RIGHT?!

Comments will go unmoderated while I'm gone (shhht, don't tell the Twilight Haters!) but that doesn't mean I can't delete Twilight-trashin' comments when I get back, so BEWARE!

Bye all! MWA!

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