Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is "Cheap" Robert Pattinson Still Super Chivalrous?

"Could all the Kristen Stewart hating finally be coming to an end? Looks that way if her lovah Robert Pattinson has anything to do about it.

Overnight, R.P. has suddenly become the big media target. OK Magazine is giving Rob a hard time for supposedly being a bad tipper! The tab dishes that after downing drinks and fancy-schmancy food like veal Milanese at Il Cantinori, Pattz and his crew were really cheap.

"The group left a tip of only $50—just shy of the standard 15 percent, and way shy of what you'd expect," reports OK.

So was that the worst of it all?

Yes and no. The waitress still said that Rob and his group were "very nice and friendly."

The mega heartthrob may be quite reminiscent of a young Johnny Depp, but he's nowhere near Johnny's level—in many ways. Seriously, was this waitress expecting a $4,000 tip? At least R was no Jeremy Piven, leaving the gal with a Twilight DVD (although if many of you were serving Robert, we doubt you'd object either way).

Obviously, sexy P is just trying to take the heat off his gal who's getting hit snarky-ass left and right by the media (and fans) these days. Clearly, R.Pattz is back out there again distracting the paps and myriad haters with his musky man scent, stinky tobacco digits and messier hair than ever, not to mention totally bogus chick outings that the media's eating up, baited hook, line 'n' sinker.

Always the gentleman, ain't he?

This is why Robert does no wrong. Not in our books. Oh, and let's hope Kristen repays him real nice next weekend. We're almost nervous for the Robsten reunion! After all the time apart, we think Comic-Con will be quite telling of what's to come."

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