Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kristen Stewart Pregnant? NAH!!!!

WHAT?? Like many of you, I read this and had mixed feelings! First, I was thinking, "AWWW! How precious!" Quickly, my attitude changed to, "You had Reneesme with him. It is my turn!" (Apology to my husband! :) ) Then, "NAH!!!! That cannot be true." I quickly searched the web for all of the evidence of why she could be preggers.

1. The picture on the cover of Australia's News Weekly magazine boasts of a baby bump that looks more like 'that time of the month' body changes rather than a baby. I mean wouldn't that be super fast to show already. I mean she is not truly carrying a hybrid baby, right? I didn't even think that the tell-tale picture even looked like Kristen.

2. I have read on many sites that this may be a publicity stunt by her publicist. Doubtful. Her career is booming, right? Why would she need the publicity? Twilighters are everywhere. She has starred with Jodie Foster, Dylan McDermott, and many other GREAT actors and actresses. Her workload is growing with more movies. What does she need false pregnancy publicity? If that was true, she needs to fire her publicist. I am available to take that job! :)

3. The Australian tabliod claimed that Kristen sent a big-mouthed friend to get the pregnancy test for her. What? I know she wouldn't do it herself with all of the media out and about...waiting for her, but I don't think that she would send a friend that could have a larger mouth than a whale shark.

4. claims that Kristen discussed the topic through her Twitter account. To my knowledge, she does not have a confirmed Twitter account; however, even if she did, would she really talk about this on Twitter? I think NOT!

None of the 'evidence' I have seen tells me that she is pregnant. I am not worried that Kristen and Rob are preggers. What do all of you think?

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