Monday, July 6, 2009

Love Addict

Mutually Assured Destruction, written by jandco, is a very well thought out story about Edward and Bella's relationship in a world outside of fiction Twilight. M.A.D. shows how people addicted to a drugs affect the everyone around them. When describing the chosen genre for the story, jandco says, "I’m choosing to go with it’s an angsty fantasy set in an all-human world."
M.A.D. illustrates the symptoms, withdrawals, the ups and downs... the destruction of an unhealthy relationship or love addiction to another human being. Jandco reveals that the cost of love addiction is not money but life. Basically, Mutually Assured Destruction, takes the relationship from Twilight and shows how twisted it would be if played out in real life.
Although not highly confident in her ability to entertain or create a compelling story structure, jandco consistently received responsive reviews to each chapter and responded accordingly. The story was strong in plot progression and revealed insightful additions to Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series.
Mutually Assured Destruction is, like most other fanfiction, great for getting to know Edward and Bella better. Their personalities are much more intricate and worked on than in the original series. Bella's personality is very refreshing. She is not the whining, complaining Bella from Twilight, but a fun, intelligent; variant Bella. Bella in withdrawal resembles the full time Bella in Twilight...complains, grimaces, won't play along... Jacob makes it in this story and while he does not work on cars, he does work on other things. His personality is more rough around the edges. He's still very friendly and easy to like; perceptive. Edward is much more well rounded in this story. He has likes, dislikes, a fun personality. It is so much fun to experience good days in Edward and Bella's relationship. All of the great and bad attributes of Edward in Twilight are exaggerated, which make him ten times more fun and intense.
My reoccurring thought in this story, This is getting ridiculous... but so is a person trapped in any addiction. So this is a perfect explanation and a good story to tell. Quite romantic at places... I can personally relate to the anguish, complexity, and attachment...but I've never experienced being in a happy, romantic, loving relationship. It makes me want that. The story is very sexual...definitely for the mature audience. The sexual relationship is a big part of Edward and Bella's struggle, though, so don't let that factor deter you from reading it.
The story is a much more bearable rendition of New Moon. In New Moon, Edward and Bella's outcome was a little more than obvious and WAY exhausting. Although, Mutually Assured Destruction still gets a little exhausting, I do like the unpredictability of the ending.
This story I would highly recommend. The author is a good, entertaining writer who definitely had a good story to tell. Thank goodness she had the guts to share it with the rest of us.

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  1. This way one of my favs, I think she is an awesome writer! This story had me in tears, giggles & sometime so turned on.

    Another story where Edward is hot stuff! Sadly if I could ever snag Edward, I too would go coo-coo like Bella if he tried to leave me, we where just meant to be-ya know!



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