Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lustin Mr. Lutz

* This is a derivation of a post from my blog. After reading the recount of the Twitour ATL, down below, I decided to add my .02 about why I would attend another Con.

My fellow Central Florida TwiMoms attended the recent Salute to Twilight convention in Atlanta. Unfortunately, due to some stupid agreement between my hubby and I, I was unable to attend. I promised I would NOT ask to go to anymore this year UNLESS Rob was there and it was on the east coast of the U.S (I know - call me a dumbass now!)

Moving on....Well the girls are back and I am feeling left out in the cold because my favorite Cullen brother, aside from Rob, was there. Yes, I am talking about Kellan. He is such a sweetheart! I have seen some of the pictures from the photo ops and it certainly has me missing my "leg up action" partner. Don't know what I am talking about? read my blog about my first interaction with Kellan at Acciocon! (with images of the leg up action and him on video confirming his enjoyement of said action)


I know that I am supposed to be robsessed.. and clearly I am as I author this blog BUT on the real, yes I am getting all urban again, Kellan is a joy to be around. If it isn't those beautiful eyes, the dimple, or that incredible smile... it has to be the way he makes the ladies feel when they are with him. I don't care if it's all an act or not because when you walk into an photo-op with Kellan, you are definitely slightly nervous. When you walk away, it is with a warm sensation in places I shall not speak of and a damn near heart attack as your heart feels like it will burst out of your chest. The only thing that tops the heart and warm sensation, is that enormous smile the boy puts on your face with the attention he has just showered on you.

I have written blogs before about the "cons of the con" and there are some, but I wont ruin this Lutz Lovefest by listing those right now. I have been to two Cons (Acciocon and Eyecon), myself, and had a crew of my girls attend the one in ATL. I would definitely suggest attending a Creation event as they were very pleased with everything - especially the loving embrace that Kellan provided to some of them such as the one below with my friend Val. So if for nothing else... go to see Kellan. Feel his abs, let him hold you, and get that aforementioned feeling :0)~

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