Friday, July 3, 2009

My love for TWILIGHT.

Hello fellow TWIreaders. I go by Bailey and I'm really like Anna, anonymous. For starters let me just announce my gratitude to the wonderful Anna for even letting me be apart of the best blog ever created. Lol. I am extremely excited to say that I will be posting news for this wonderful blog! Are you jumping for joy? Me too!

Any whom here's my story. It was a Friday and I was sitting in English Lit. AP (I was a Junior in high school, 2008-2009 school year) and I happened to notice everyone reading the exact same thing. So I decided to ask my friend what was going on. She told me it was a new series out called Twilight and that I should read it. I gave her the rudest look possible and said I would NEVER EVER read anything about vampires. It just wasn't my cup of tea, although I am very open to all kinds of genre's of books. But of course I would end up doing exactly the opposite.

Coincidentally my mom brought home the first book of the series and all of a sudden, with the enthusiasm of a 13 year old became
SO interested in Twilight. Of course as I predicted she didn't even get past the first couple of chapters. So I decided hey why not just skim through the pages, I probably won't like it anyway. Ha! I sure was wrong. I was hooked and not a soul in the world could pry the book out of my hands. I read the first entire book in ONE night and I practically begged my mother for the next three.

The next morning I went to the bookstore picked up the next three books and devoured each and everyone of them. By Sunday I had finished the saga and fell in love, all in one weekend.

Eventually the movie came out and of course I went to see it. I happen to LOVE the English. I've actually been to London and Oxford. So Robert Pattinson was a MAJOR plus and Kristen Stewart was fantastic. But to sum it all up, I really just love Twilight. Anyone with me?

Picture by Sammie-Lea


  1. Nice intro, Bailey ;)

    And you are awesome too!


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