Thursday, July 2, 2009

My newest sexy, British actor crush :)


Now, don't you worry, I most certainly have NOT moved on from the foremost sexy, British actor, ROBERT PATTINSON, but...

This guy may be giving him a run for his money.

First of all, does anyone actually recognize him? Maybe not.

He's not in much...

However, I did just see Confessions of a Shopaholic, which he does happen to start in. Everyone should see this movie. Not to say that it's spectacularly wonderful, but...this dude as a hardassed financial magazine editor makes it worth your while to drool at watch.

Alright, I'll reveal his name. He's the hawtly English Hugh Dancy! Yummmmm.

Some more eye candy for ya:

Unfortunately I think he just got engaged to Claire Danes. Darn. 

But who ISN'T a sucker for an English accent?


  1. I completely understand. I do I do. *wink*

  2. I have to agree with you,he suddenly leaves an impression on you after watching confessions of a shopaholic, playing a magnificent role.....

  3. Love Hugh too! Another great movie he was in - "Blood and Chocalate"!!

  4. Yummy... yes. Really.
    But you know I'm not easy to please.
    CAN HE SING??? Hhmmm?
    Just wondering...
    My top 3 crush conditions with men:
    1. a good laugh
    2. yumminess
    3. dazzle-dazzle singing voice

    Since Rob's got it all... ;-) *swoon*

  5. there must be sumthing in the British water! these boys are too damn yummy!

    trip to London anyone?! hehe

  6. I agree, most definatly easy on the eyes, but "I already gave my heart away"...To Rob, (((sigh)))

  7. haha i just watched confessions of a shopholic and i looked him up and i found this :)


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