Friday, July 3, 2009

My TWIntroduction

"All right stop what your doing 'cuz I'm about to ruin the image & the style that your used to, I look funny! But yo I'm making money see so world I hope your ready for me. Now gather round I'm the new fool in town & my sounds laid down by the Underground, I'll drink up all the Henessey you got on your shelf, Now just let me introduce myself, my name is......"

Oh, sorry, FYI, I have this condition I call Lyrical Tourette's. Just any word can cause me to break out into a random song. I also have Cheer Tourette's aka SFT (spirit fingers tourettes), I have been know to bust out into a cheer just by hearing a phrase, a comment or just cause. ((You've been warned)) What brought this song on was I am supposed to Introduce Myself, hence the above lyrics, @@, I know, I know.....

OK, My name is Stacy, known to this awesome fandom as Mrs.Robward (cool huh?). I will be adding my 2 cents by means of an editorial round every so often. I am 33, married, SAHM, 2 boys ages 13.5 & 10 and my lil princess is 3 going on 18. I live in the deep south where are seasons are mild, hot, are-you-kidding-me-hot and warm. Now on to my Twistory.

I am a newborn. There I said it. I have only been submerged in the Twilight Saga & all its juiciness for about 6 months. I did go & watch Twilight on the big screen the 1st Saturday it played. DH & I had a date night with the intention of catching the early show. WRONG. SOLD OUT. Remember I was clueless on the status quo of how HAWT this whole thing was. So after a trip to eat some deep fried cheesecake (D-LISH bytheway) we were standing in line for an hour to catch the late showing amongst I would say at least 200 teenage girls. We were close to the front because I wanted a good seat! We did not know if everyone around us was going to OUR movie, but I began to read the Team EDWARD, Twilight Moms Bite, & Werewolves Stink shirts & realized that EVERYONE of these girls & their momma's was coming to the movies with us. My DH became extremely uncomfortable, he assumed this was a girly-teeny-bopper-love story. I had no idea so we asked the 1st male that we saw exit the previous showing & he assured us it was a pretty good movie. It was hard to hear him though because there were girls SCREAMING & CRYING everywhere as they left the theater.

I LOVED the movie. For months. Until I read the book. Srsly? That movie could have been sooooo much better. I still love the movie, I DO own it & I have lost count on how many times I have seen it, but......there love story was not portrayed good enough in the story. Please no flames, I still watch it ALL.THE.TIME!

The books? Funny how I came around to finally reading them. I had mentioned many times that I would LOVE to read the books to my family. All of my 13 year olds friends-that-are-girls (not girlfriends) had been reading these books & all I wanted to do was borrow one. Never happened (I know why now, you just dont loan it out beacuse you read it over & over &..) but one day my son took his own hard earned money and bought me TWILIGHT at his school book fair as a gift for me. For real. I read it in 24 hours. Soooo the next day I made up an excuse to have to go to Walmart & bought New Moon. I read it, no I fought with it in record time (sorry but the 1st time I skipped most of the non-Edward parts) and returned yet again to Wally World to purchase Eclipse. In the meantime I did decide to save a few bucks and bought Breaking Dawn on Ebay. Which later I slapped myself for because I finished Eclipse before my BD copy came in. I was then faced with a dilemma, I.HAD.TO.READ.MORE. My super-duper sister directed me to Midnight Sun which I read at lightning speed and then bowed to the Heavens above & thanked my lucky stars for. (EPOV is the BEST!!) Still no hard copy of BD I bit the bullet and bought an e-copy (which I still don't know if it is legal or not?) downloaded it and was mesmerized by my PC for days till I finished it. Shew...that was hard to explain. Then. I. Was. Lost.

What now? I craved more. More Edward and a little more Bella. More Forks and meadows. More Dr.Cullen and family. More vampires.....(fanning myself).

Then I clicked site after site about Twilight......about New Moon......about Stephenie Meyer......about rumors & hookups......about K'Stew & R'Pattz.....wait who was that? Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen, he was in Harry Potter? You don't say? Then I became lost in all the hot, juicy, yummy, lustable, irresistible manboy that is R'Pattz. To this day I simply can not get enough of him. Team EDWARD all the way, baby!!!!!! (sorry, getting carried away again) Wait, I am how old? Crush much?

Then in my Internet Twilight wonderland I stumbled upon this site, Need I say more? Honesty first - I had no idea there was such a thing as Fan Fiction! I then was directed to and the rest is history. I will be discussing this in much more detail soon. When I get a chance. In between updates & chapters. Well really I will have to make time. I have a lot of catching up to do. Have you seen the Twilight story count of 92,511!! Geez!

So this is my TWIntroduction. My Twitter is Mrs_Robward, but I am boring. I look forward to connecting with all of you in TwiLand again soon. More of my Twi-Life Robession coming up.....


  1. Sorry I forgot to give credit to Digital Underground for the lyrics to the song, the Humpty Dance.

  2. doesn't everyone skip the non-edward parts of new moon the first time? yay walmart and unpredictable southern weather.

  3. I am sure those Jacob lovers read the 'non-Edward' parts over & over & over......LOL.

    That is ok, I understand when you love it ya love it!

  4. I love Twi-Stories! I love this post!

    And I thank you for sharing you Twi-story with me first. ;) That's a the to the end my friend.



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