Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Wolf Pack Pic Released!!!

"Seems wrong for a Sunday... meh, totally worth it ;)

Is anyone else confused by the tattoos - didn't Stephenie Meyer say (to Solomon Trimble - I know because I also run the Team Solomon site) that, because the wolf pack can heal instantaneously, tattoos wouldn't be possible?...Yes, I do realize I'm "intellectualizing" (word used loosely) a series in which Vampire conception is possible :/"


Does it really matter that Taylor Lautner is only 17? I mean, he's almost legal, right? Why wouldn't a tattoo stay on them? Isn't it like a scar, kinda?

What do you guys think?


  1. I agree. The tattoos are confusing but I guess Chris Weitz wanted to give the wolf pack a symbol that makes them family like Hardwicke did with the family crest. I remember seeing that too though, so if we want to get technical the tattoo shouldn't be there

  2. Ha! Had to laugh when I saw the vampire conception comment. My girls and I argue (or lament, really) about this little slip up frequently. No tears, no saliva, no... Hmm.

    You make a very valid point on the tattoos also (even though it's only in the movie).

  3. tattoos are not scars, they are made by ink being injected into the skin and being taken up by the skin's macrophages (a type of cell). That is not considered an injury to the body, so they wouldn't heal that.


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