Monday, July 6, 2009

Obsession? Or Not?

According to Merriam-Webster the definition of obsession is:
Main Entry: ob·ses·sion
Pronunciation: \äb-ˈse-shən, əb-\
Function: noun
1: a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling ; broadly : compelling motivation
2: something that causes an obsession ((LIKE TWILIGHT STUFF?))
ob·ses·sion·al \-ˈsesh-nəl, -ˈse-shə-nəl\ adjective

Then, I decided to look it up in the thesaurus:
Entry Word: obsession
Function: noun
Text: something about which one is constantly thinking or concerned
is a movie star, Robert Pattinson, who she thinks is very handsome>
- see fixation
(I added which movie star, **giggle**)

I was confused until I realized that obsession is a 'thing' & obsess is the 'verb':
  • Main Entry: ob·sess
  • Pronunciation: \əb-ˈses, äb-\
  • Function: verb
  • Etymology:Latin obsessus, past participle of obsidēre to frequent, besiege, from ob- against + sedēre to sit
  • Date:1531
  • transitive verb : to haunt ((LIKE A VAMPIRE??????)) or excessively preoccupy the mind of, obsessed with the idea
    intransitive verb : to engage in obsessive thinking : become obsessed with an idea

    So this brings around my question of the day: Are we truly OBSESSED with all things Twilight?

    Uuuuummmmmmm????.................................................HELLZ YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or
    at least I am. So I decided to look further into the idea & retrieve some proof that I am for sure over the deep end. Where else to turn but to the numbers, because numbers never lie right? Now I realize that I may be mildly obsessed compared to others. So, prove it. Just keep in mind, I have only been lost in the Twilight Fandom for about 6 months. How did I get lost you ask? You can read my twintroduction here. So when we compare I know, I know, that many of you have been lost in this obsession for YEARS longer than I so I salute you & I'm a tad bit jealous too!

    So here is some of my proof in numbers:
    • 24: Twilight Blogs that I subscribe to in my Google Reader
    • 163: Fan fiction links I have saved on my Crackberry to read later (gulp)
    • 30: Pictures I have saved on my PC (this is low b/c my family makes fun of me & we share this computer)
    • 22: Twilight songs on my Crackberry that I found on Limewire when I searched for any Twilight Soundtrack songs
    • 22: (more) Songs on my CB that have been inspired by Twilight videos, fan fiction, & the like
    • 151: Sites that I have Bookmarked on Firefox alone
    • 18: Links I have saved on my CB that refer to Twilighty things
    • 57: Stories I have favorite'd on (read & unread)
    • 333: (!!!!!!) Stories I have favorite'd on (read & unread) Proof:
    • 95: Emails that refer to Twilight & Fanfic that are saved on one of my Gmail accounts that I created Just.For.Twilight.Stuff (sigh)
    • 75: Emails that I saved on my original Gmail account before I created the other one
    • 36: out of 45 people I follow on twitter that are Twilight related Proof:
    So, this is a partial list. I think I went over the main stuff. Just keep in mind that when I refer to Twilight & Twilighty things it covers ALL the bases: EVERYTHING!!!! A lot of my bookmarks refer only to that hunky British actor that I dream about, ahhhh, drool................ But anyways, I didn't categoriz'em.

    You got me beat? Comment below & show us your numbers.

    Remember you are among friends & fellow obsessed Twihards. Would we have it any other way? I think not!

    Peace. Love. Twilight.

    Mrs. Robward
    Visit, Join, Read, Comment & Bookmark. 'Cuz that is how we roll. 


    1. I'm a new-born fan, your an inspiration :) I hope to one day be as obsessed as you are LOL

    2. Take my advice GiGi87, it doesn't take much to push this obsession over the edge. I would jump off the cliff everyday for it though! lol


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