Monday, July 20, 2009

A One Shot Week!

Well, this week is a special week for those of us into Twilight fan fiction for mature audiences. Why? Because this is the week I introduce you to One Shots! These stories are so sour from lemons you’ll think you popped ten Warhead candies into your mouth at once! The site I am getting these stories from is called The Perv Pack’s Smut Shack. Yeah. You thought I was kidding.
I will post a review today, Wednesday, and Friday giving you my analysis of three stories. These one shots are great if you are wanting a quick escape into Twilight world or if you simply desire to read into the more intimate, sexy moments of Bella and Edward’s relationship… or Bella and Jasper… or Edward and … the stories take you anywhere you want to go.
The first story is by carolinainthesky. It is called A Kingdom for a Kiss. This story was written for a contest where the writer had to communicate love through lemons without actually saying the word “love.” A Kingdom for a Kiss is about a perfectly platonic relationship between Bella and Edward that seems to be content at just that. However, Bella and Edward find themselves surprised at a growing attraction for each other in an entirely different way.
I must warn you: the content in these stories is rated full throttle MATURE. It is highly erotic and sexual. Prepare yourselves.

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