Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rosalie: Bitter or Broken? Or...Both?

Oh Rosalie. You're so beautiful but so bitter.

Brynna's fanfic, 9 Crimes, provides readers with a character study of the beautiful, bitter Rosalie Hale. In this piece, Brynna gives us a peek at Rosalie's struggle to overcome her bitterness at being a vampire, her longing for a child, her deep love for her husband, Emmett, and her desperation to forget the horrible ending to her human life. The story takes us into Rosalie's mind and shows readers just how much she wants happiness-and how she struggles to attain it.

Brynna's Rosalie desperately wants to be happier, but doesn't know how to escape her bitterness. She is broken; trapped in an endless life, her head filled with sinister memories, and denied the one thing she always wanted-motherhood. Unlike many fanfic pieces, that show Rosalie and Emmett's marriage as frivolous, the author portrays Rosalie's relationship with Emmett as her saving grace. She is desperate to love him, but scared. A pivotal moment in the story is when Rosalie goes to Edward and asks him if Emmett will end up destroying her, like the fiancee of her human past. Assured of his kindness, she throws herself into her relationship with Emmett, into love. Brynna writes, "She didn't care who saw or knew because if Emmett was to be her one reward, the one true good in her life, she was going to enjoy him and love him with reckless abandonment." It is a lovely take on their relationship, one that is both believable and satisfying.

This character study gives a deepness to Rosalie that we never really see in the Twilight Saga books. Her tough and sometimes unkind exterior is given dept as we look at what has made Rosalie so bitter. The writer does a fantastic job making readers feel for Rosalie's struggle, something that was sometimes hard in the Twilight books. By showing us that Rosalie wants to be happier gives readers a whole new perspective on this character. Brynna's writing is interesting, detailed, and simply excellent. This fanfic piece will leave readers wanting to know more about Rosalie and what her future holds.

5 out of 5 Gold Apples

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