Thursday, July 2, 2009

This is my introduction: I Love Vampires!

Hello Twilighters! My name is Acquanetta (I dare you to say it!) but I go by Netta. But on here it will be my other name, nettagyrl. I just found out today that I was picked to be on the editorial staff! I literally squealed!

A little about me:
I am a single mother of two teenage boys (which is why I am now super-duper happy to be apart of this!!), who do not understand my need to obsess a little over Twilight. I first found out about the series, of all places, at the San Diego Comic Con. (The pic is from a comic con pack they were giving out!)

Funny story. I saw a line of people ranging from giggling girls to somber parents. I was curious, so I asked the girl in front of me why these people were in line. She told me it was the Summit Booth line for Twilight. When I asked what is Twilight, she gave me such and evil, yet disbelieving stare at my utter lack of knowledge of the best book ever that was going to be turned into a movie, that I almost walked away! Whoa, I had to find out what this Twilight was all about. Needless to say when I picked up the first book, it was love at first read, and I never looked back!!

Now my obsession has gone from all four books which I seriously read in four days, to trading cards, blanket, dolls, watches, calender, dvd (please don't ask how many copies!!), pillow cases, and shoe strings. And now with the San Diego Comic Con coming up, I am in New Moon Heaven! So please stay tuned as I try to get any info I can while there. I am going to also, if the cast is there like last year (which I missed out on) hopefully get into the hall as they discuss the new movie. (I am also obsessed with Buffy and Vamps in general! I seriously have a replica Vamp stake from the Buffy TV show!!)

I was so obsessed I got my good friend into Twilight! =D We went to the midnight showing and she has never looked back. As a matter of fact I am organizing a group of Grown women (lol, those of us who are over 25) to go to the next midnight showing. So far 10 women are ready! That should be a fun experience!

In my real life, I work in customer service and write when I can for, which is where I am extremely jealous of Amanda Bell, the Twilight Examiner! =D I am also a Twitter fanatic, so if you want to check me out you should go to

Here is this essay I wrote last August. It is was fun to get it out of my system, and now I have more thoughts to give. I hope you'll like what I will bring to the table. Think of me as your Twilight Godmother, or the Fun Aunt, who gets Twilight and dismisses all bad-talkers (my son's) who will never get it! Thank you for reading!

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