Saturday, July 11, 2009

What Do You Think Should Be on the "New Moon" Soundtrack?

Since I bought the "Twilight" soundtrack, I have been dying to know who is going to be on the remaining "Twilight" series CDs as well. Are you with me? I loved the Muse, Paramore, Linkin Park, and even the Rob Pattinson songs. I wasn't too crazy about the Collective Soul song - I guess because I remember what they sounded like when I was in middle school, and it is nothing alike, ya know?

Many singers, artists, and musicians want to be apart of the "Twilight" craze by being on the soundtrack; although this is true, some prefer to take their own path and divert from the sparkly path our hearts and minds flutter to every waking (and sleeping :) ) moment. One website,, states a few possibilities for the soundtrack as well as the notion that Paramore (who had two songs on the "Twilight" soundtrack). I think it is sad that they do not want to be considered a "vampire house band," but I am sure the "New Moon" soundtrack will be fantastic.

Kelly Clarkson and Coldplay are possibilities according to these websites:

Since Stephenie Meyers loves Muse (as do I), I hope they return with some amazing music - just like in "Twilight". Maybe some "Twilight" tied bands will be on the soundtrack --- 100Monkeys (Jackson Rathbone's band), the Bella Cullen Project, Rob Pattinson, the Mitch Hansen Band, the Twilight Music Girls, and the Twilighters.

Want to see what is listed on Stephenie Meyers' site for "New Moon"?

So, what would you like to see on the soundtrack? Here are a few of the ones I thought could work, but I want to see what all of ya'll come up with (yes, I said ya'll - sorry I'm a Georgia lady):
Evanescence "Bring Me to Life"
Nickelback "Faraway"
Three Days Grace "Never Too Late"
Hinder "Without You" (Has Kellan Lutz in it - YUM!!!)

Also, how do you feel about Carter Burwell returning as the composer for "New Moon"?


  1. Evanescence- My immortal is a must

  2. Incubus "Earth to Bella" (Parts 1 and 2) - I think these 2 songs would be PERFECT! Very angsty, goes along with the New Moon feel!

  3. This is fun! We did this on SSTB a few weeks ago. There are far to many for me to list here! Evanescence was for sure on someones list, not mine.Total we (me & some followers) picked 20 songs, which include some Iron & Wine, Van Morrison, and The Smiths. It was SUPER fun. Anyway, why did I tell you all that? Hum.. well.. I too want to know what the music of New Moon the Movie will be. :)

    cutie (better known as cuteangie)

  4. I'd love to see A World Without you from the Mitch Hansen Band on there. That would rock! Evanescence is good too.


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